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What is the Scottish Policy Group?

The Scottish Policy Group (BES-SPG) is a group of BES members promoting the use of ecological knowledge in Scotland. We highlight how this knowledge can aid policymakers’ with decision-making. We also support the involvement of ecologists in all levels of Scottish policymaking.

What do we do?

We help ecologists get their message to policymakers. We also assist policymakers in understanding ecological knowledge (and ecologists!). As an organisation we do not adopt policy positions or campaign on particular issues, but focus on increasing the use of evidence based ecological knowledge in policymaking. However that does not mean that our members don’t have their own views!

Reasons to get  involved with the BES-SPG

Do you want to increase the impact of your own research, or help others increase theirs? Does your job require the latest and most robust ecological knowledge? If so, BES-SPG is for you!

By getting involved with the BES-SPG you will benefit from:

  • Support to communicate your ecological research to the relevant policymakers
  • Invitations to exclusive networking and policy engagement events
  • Developing contacts at the science-policy interface
  • Receiving dedicated briefings on the latest Scottish policy issues
  • Exclusive training opportunities
  • A forum to exchange ideas and develop novel applied research

BES-SPG Leaflet 2021