How to reference documents on AER

All documents on AER are securely and permanently archived with a CC-BY licence (or equivalent) which means anyone can use and share these documents and the information within as long as the original source is appropriately attributed.

If you are simply sharing a document with your colleague, copy and send the unique URL attributed to each document on AER:

If you are however writing a report, article, or otherwise and want to provide full details of the source, download and open the document in question and identify the following information:

  • Name of all authors
  • Document title
  • Publication year (Notethis is different to the ‘Published online’ date indicated on the document’s webpage on AER)
  • Publishing organisation
  • Document URL

Use the gathered information to create a full reference as follows:
Authors. (Year). Title. Publishing organisation, URL

For example:
Leigh, S. & Parfett, R. (2017). How does science inform the UK Parliament? British Ecological Society,

Best practice and tips

  • If no author is available, use the publishing organisation
  • List author names in chronological order by last name
  • For journal articles, follow the article’s DOI to find the source literature and ways to cite the work