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02 April 2020

Camera traps reveal hidden treasures of the rainforest

In their new research, Mattia Bessone and colleagues demonstrate how camera trap distance sampling can be used to develop conservation strategies and protect threatened species. The impact humans are exerting on the planet is accelerating the loss of biodiversity, with animal species disappearing at such unprecedented rate that scientists have labelled the current era ‘Earth’s […]

31 March 2020

Meet the Editor: Marc Cadotte

Our new journal Ecological Solutions and Evidence is currently recruiting another Lead Editor. The new Lead Editor will be joining the Senior Editor team alongside Lead Editor Holly Jones and Editor-in-Chief (EiC) Marc Cadotte, who we are getting to know better in this ‘Meet the Editor’ conversation. Marc has previously contributed to a similar conversation […]

26 March 2020

Fishing for mammals: using environmental DNA from rivers to monitor mammals on land

New research by Sales and colleagues looks at the monitoring of terrestrial mammal communities and compares the efficacy of landscape-level monitoring using environmental DNA (eDNA) to that of conventional methods. Here the authors summarise their findings. Accurately and effectively monitoring biodiversity is a key consideration in this rapidly changing world. Consistent and regular monitoring of […]

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