Strontium 90 in maize field, cattail marsh and Oakwood ecosystems.

Published online
08 Jan 1964
Content type
Journal article
Journal title
Journal of Applied Ecology

Ovington, J. D. & Lawrence, D. B.

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USA & Minnesota


Samples taken at Cedar Creek, Minnesota, showed that the above-ground parts of cattail [Typha angustifolia] and maize ecosystems contained much the same low % of Sr90 as those of pastures in the area. Trees of the Oakwood ecosystem, however, contained much more Sr90 than the living plants of the other ecosystems. Unlike the crops and pastures, the woodland is likely to contain most of the Sr90 in the organic matter (other than the leaves) and relatively little in the mineral soil. KEYWORDS: plant composition \ plant composition \ chemical composition \ radioactive \ Quercus \ soil \ soil \ soil Sr90 \ soil chemistry \ soil radioactivity

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