Bush-control studies in the drier areas of Kenya. II. An evaluation of the Holt IXa 'Bush Breaker' in Tarchonanthus/Acacia thicket.

Published online
24 Feb 1966
Content type
Journal article
Journal title
Journal of Applied Ecology

Pratt, D. J.

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Africa South of Sahara & Kenya


cf. F.A. 26 No. 3735.] Describes the effects of the machine oil land rendered unproductive by a mature stand of Tarchonanthus [camyphoratus]/Acacia [spp.] thicket. Apart from a transient decrease in numbers of seedling trees, the Holt machine did not kill any of the species studied. Regrowth was rapid, particularly of T. camphoratus and A. brevispica, the thicket habit of which was accentuated by the use of the machine. Studies of individual species showed that the population of Tarchonanthus was largely unaffected by the treatments, whereas A. brevispica and Dichrostachys cinerea increased markedly in numbers after treatment and could be held within bounds only by sowing grass and burning. From author's summary. KEYWORDS: Acacia brevispica \ Acacia \ Brush control \ Dichrostachys cinerea \ Logging \ Tarchonanthus camphoratus \ woody weeds \ control mechanical

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