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Pesticides in the environment and their effects on wildlife. The proceedings of an Advanced Study Institute sponsored by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Monks Wood Experimental Station, England, 1-14 July 1965.

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03 Jul 1967
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Conference proceedings

Moore, N. W.

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UK & Atlantic Ocean & England & Wales


The 33 papers read at this meeting are presented, all with summaries in French and German. The following are among those of concern to economic entomologists [cf. also RAE B 55 328.
[1062] STRICKLAND, A. H. Some estimates of insecticide and fungicide "sage in agriculture smd horticulture in England and Wales, 1960-64 (pp. 3-13, 7 refs.). Information is given on the tonnage of organochlorine and organophosphorus insecticides and acaricides, some other insecticides, and fungicides (based on toxic ingredients) applied to crops in England and Wales during 1960-66 [cf. A 53 162; 54 80]. The materials are estimated to have given about 80% over-all protection to crops of nine types for which estimates are given.

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