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Wood production in tropical rain forest.

Published online
14 Dec 1966
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Dawkins, H. C.

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Suggests that it is possible to calculate the plant or community phytomass from analysis of forestry sample-plot data of Derbholz (above-ground wood >7 cm. diam.) production. The ratio total-wood-volume/Derbholz generally lies well within the range 1.1-1.5, even in widely different growth forms: within a species or size class the range is very much smaller. Variations in other components (leaves, fruit, shrub and herbaceous species etc.) are likely to be small. In the equatorial lowland closed forest zone, indigenous (natural or planted) forest production of Derbholz in metric tons/ha./year will normally range from 4 to 9 (max. 16): yields obtained from planted Eucalypts and conifers in the same zone are 13-40, sometimes up to 50 on exceptional Eucalypt sites. KEYWORDS: Dry matter production \ Dry matter production relation \ tropical forest \ plant ecology \ Eucalyptus \ hybrids \ commercial hybrids \ production \ biological \ vegetation types \ rain forest lowland

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