Accumulation and biota in a pioneer ecosystem of kudzu vine at Copperhill, Tennessee.

Published online
13 Jan 1967
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Witkamp, M. & Frank, M. L. & Shoopman, J. L.

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USA & Tennessee


1-yr-old seedlings of Pueraria lobata were planted in 1955 about 1.5 m apart along a long cultivated strip 2.5 m wide on denuded soil and given NPK in 1955 and 1957. By Aug. 1960 P. lobata had produced 550 kg DM/m2 on the strip and had spread 30 m away from it. Measurements in Aug. 1962 and 1964 showed that further growth was checked, presumably by immobilization in litter and humus of up to 80% of the cycling P and N microbial immobilization was thought to be largely responsible. For continued growth, applications of Ca or P were considered necessary.-R.B.

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