Physiological analysis of the effects of different soils on sugar beet crops in different years.

Published online
03 Jan 1969
Content type
Journal article
Journal title
Journal of Applied Ecology

Goodman, P. J.

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UK & England


Sugar-beet was grown at 7 locations with different soil types in the E. of England and received 2 levels of N during 1960-2. Differences in yield between the locations and seasons were primarily associated with differences in LAI, which were associated with differences in soil N and water supply. NAR varied less than LAI and was smaller where yield and LAI were greater. On the more fertile soils, maximum LAI was attained in most years; hence, annual variations in average beet yields appeared to result mainly from the yield contribution of low-yielding soils. The national average yield could be increased if the shortages of N and water occurring on these soils in some years were relieved.-F.A.S.

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