An ecological survey of land use and soil erosion in the West Pakistan and Azak Kashmir catchment of the River Jhelum.

Published online
24 Feb 1968
Content type
Journal article
Journal title
Journal of Applied Ecology

McVean, D. N. & Robertson, V. C.

Publication language
India & Jammu and Kashmir & Pakistan


An account based on the report prepared in 1959-61 by Hunting Technical Services Ltd. for the West Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority in connexion with the Mangla dam project. The physiography and geography, climate, soils and vegetation (including forest types) of the area are described, and problems of forest management, population increase and agriculture are examined. Land-use recommendations are made, based on the definition of 15 classes of cultivable, forest-and-range and unproductive lands. The cost/benefit analysis prepared is briefly considered. KEYWORDS: Forest influences \ erosion \ Land use multiple use \ Land use planning \ Land use soil conservation \ Land use surveys \ Pakistan land use \ Pakistan vegetation \ Pakistan

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