The effects of mowing on the meadow cranesbill Geranium pratense L., and on the weevil Zacladus geranii (Payk.).

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01 Jan 1974
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Davis, B. N. K.

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The flowering and seed production of G. pratense on a roadside verge in Huntingdonshire was examined in relation to 5 mowing regimes. Mowing in May or early June had little or no effect upon flowering which was, however, virtually eliminated by a cut in late June. Progressively later cutting allowed increasing amounts of flowering and seed ripening. Most favourable would be a cut in early August, preserving the floristic attractions of this species and not unduly harming reproduction (which was shown to be vegetative under such circumstances). Z. germanii, an insect dependent on the ripening seeds of G. pratense, does not complete development until the latter part of August; in order to maintain a strong population of this insect, some areas of G. pratense should be left uncut between the end of June and the end of August. From summary.

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