Responses of grassland invertebrates to management by cutting. IV. Positive responses of Auchenorhyncha.

Published online
01 Jan 1982
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Morris, M. G.

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The increase in numbers of Auchenorhyncha following cutting of an Arrhenatherum grassland were recorded in a field experiment at a nature reserve in eastern England. Management by cutting took place in May or July or both, and the fauna was sampled regularly with a vacuum net in treated and untreated blocks in 1973-75. Six species increased in abundance on at least one of the treatments, and the response, not statistically significant, of 2 other species was examined. The responses of the species are discussed in relation to their life-histories and overwintering stages. The data are also discussed together with other results from the experiment in relation to the management of grassland for nature conservation. Management options for nature reserves are considered. Some comparisons and contrasts are drawn with other types of grassland management in achieving stated objectives.

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