Studies in the grazing of heather moorland in North-East Scotland. I. Site descriptions and patterns of utilization.

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10 Sep 1984
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Welch, D.

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The utilization by herbivores of plant spp. growing in 32 moorland sites was investigated. Occupance of the moorland by cattle and sheep was determined by management practices; usage by red deer, grouse and lagomorphs showed seasonal trends, with greater usage by red deer in the winter. Ericoid plants were most heavily grazed in autumn and winter; in spring and summer they were utilized less than graminoids. In yr-round ranking of utilization, Molinia caerulea and Trichophorum caespitosum [Scirpus cespitosus] had high positions despite being grazed almost entirely in spring and summer. Juncus squarrosus and Nardus stricta ranked low, being grazed mainly in spring and late winter.

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