Genetic control of regenerating success in semi-natural conditions observed among lines derived from a cultivated × wild soybean hybrid.

Published online
17 Feb 1984
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Oka, H. I.

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Thirty-six lines derived from the F2 of a cross between the Taiwanese soyabean cultivar CH2 (♀) and a wild soyabean strain were investigated at Mishima, Japan, and Taichung, Taiwan, without intervention except for first planting. Analysis of variance of regenerating success (seedlings established/m2) in the second and third years in each line showed the trait to be genetically controlled. Multiple regressions simultaneously involving several regenerative traits (such as dehiscence, dormancy and germination) suggested that regenerating success was associated with particular sets of such traits at Mishima and Taichung. The hybrid-derived lines resembled Korean strains of naturally occurring Glycine gracilis.

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