Competition effects in juvenile jack pine and aspen as influenced by density and species ratios.

Published online
11 Apr 1989
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Journal article
Journal title
Journal of Applied Ecology

Farmer, R. E. & Morris, D. M. & Weaver, K. B. & Garlick, K.

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Canada & Ontario


Experiments were made in Ontario, Canada, over 12 wk in a greenhouse and 3 yr in the field with different proportions (100; 75/25; 50/50; 25/75; 100) of Pinus banksiana and Populus tremuloides at various densities (17, 83, 205, 494 plants/m2 in the field and 729, 2844, 10 000 plants/m2 in the greenhouse). Data on survival, ht., wt., form, resource allocation, relative yields and relative crowding are presented and show that P. tremuloides was dominant in all mixtures and at all densities except 10 000 plants/m2.

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