Plant dynamics of New Zealand tussock grassland infested with Hieracium pilosella. II. Transition matrices of vegetation changes.

Published online
29 Apr 1990
Content type
Journal article
Journal title
Journal of Applied Ecology

Scott, D. & Robertson, J. S. & Archie, W. J.

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New Zealand


The vegetation types in 1-m2 permanent quadrats were determined annually in 1975-82 on low and moderate productivity sites of improved or unimproved Festuca novae-zelandiae grassland differing in initial infestation with H. pilosella. The transition matrices of vegetation types showed the increase and relative stability of Hieracium spp., a decrease of F. novae-zelandiae with replacement by H. pilosella and H. praealtum on the low productivity site and a complex interaction following species introductions. The forward prediction indicated the following: all vegetation types would continue to occur; a high incidence of Hieracium spp. without sward improvement; a slow change to Trifolium hybridum or T. repens predominance on moderate productivity improved swards; equilibrium would be reached rapidly in both sites and treatments.

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