Utilization of waste products and inorganic fertilizer in the restoration of iron-mine tailings.

Published online
01 Sep 1990
Content type
Journal article
Journal title
Journal of Applied Ecology

Borgegård, S. O. & Rydin, H.

Publication language
Nordic Countries & Sweden


The use of sewage sludge, horse dung, NPK-fertilizer, and NPK-fertilizer plus bark to improve yields of grasses and clover sown on iron-mine tailings was tested. Addition of fertilizer alone had little effect. With addition of fertilizer and bark a grass sward was successfully established, and with sewage sludge and horse dung the cover was very dense. The water-holding capacity was improved by the addition of organic material. When bark was added with the fertilizer, the level of NPK fertilizer (300 or 600 kg/ha) had no effect.

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