Modelling the interaction of cotton and the cotton boll weevil. I. A comparison of growth and development of cotton varieties.

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07 Dec 1991
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Gutierrez, A. P. & Santos, W. J. dos & Villacorta, A. & Pizzamiglio, M. A. & Ellis, C. K. & Carvalho, L. H. & Stone, N. D.

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Varietal growth characteristics affect yield and the ability of cotton plants to avoid and/or compensate for herbivore damage, in particular by the curculionid Anthonomus grandis. A relatively simple per capita, supply-demand regulated, age-structured model of cotton growth and development is described and used to simulate 7 varieties in 2 species of cotton from different regions of the world. The model is used to examine plant/weather and other abiotic variable interactions. Measures of earliness are used to assess varietal characteristics.

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