Modelling the relationship between bird population variables and hedgerow, and other field margin attributes. II. Abundance of individual species and of groups of similar species.

Published online
04 Aug 1995
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Parish, T. & Lakhani, K. H. & Sparks, T. H.

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An earlier paper (Journal of Applied Ecology (1994) 31 (4) 764-75) related bird species richness to hedgerows and other field attributes including adjacent land use, in a study was carried out over several years (winter and summer) at 2 sites in East Anglia, UK. The present paper deals with similar relationships, but the bird variables used are the abundance of individual species, of groups of species, and of all birds. The results are presented of 279 models representing these relationships. The abundance of many species was influenced by land use, and by the main vegetation variables (tree height and number, and hedgerow length, width and height). Verge width and ditch dimensions were important for some species. The results from both studies are presented in a form considered to be of value in practical management.

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