Survey of badger Meles meles damage to agriculture in England and Wales.

Published online
16 Mar 2000
Content type
Journal article
Journal title
Journal of Applied Ecology

Moore, N. & Whiterow, A. & Kelly, P. & Garthwaite, D. & Bishop, J. & Langton, S. & Cheeseman, C.

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UK & England & Wales


In response to reported increases in badger numbers and associated agricultural damage, a questionnaire survey of 3600 land owner/occupiers was conducted in 1997 to determine the extent and significance of badger damage in England and Wales. Badger damage was widespread, but its incidence was highly dependent on region and farm type. The most frequently reported damage (25.5%) resulted from badgers' burrowing activities (especially those causing damage to fences). Crop damage was also frequently reported (21.2%), with wheat, forage maize and vines being damaged most frequently. The costs of damage and future research areas are discussed.

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