Restoration in applied ecology: editor's introduction.

Published online
14 May 2003
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Ormerod, S. J.
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This paper presents an introduction to the special profile on restoration ecology of different vegetation types such as grasslands, peatlands, prairie pothole wetlands, and pinelands of Pinus ponderosa. Topics covered include: interaction between sowing, control of fertilizer additions and grazing in grassland restoration, appraisal of restoration from both aboveground angiosperms and the soil microbiological community; reestablishment of poorly reforming but desirable species where grasslands are restored from arable lands; assessment of risks of invasion on restored wetlands; immigration potential of plants from surrounding habitats; effect of restoration on the spatial structure in plant communities in undisturbed locations; belowground features in pineland restoration; and the importance of arbuscular mycorrhizas in the restoration of plant communities.

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