Special Profile: Challenges and prospects for applied ecology in China.

Published online
03 Jun 2009
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Journal issue

Memmott, J. & Milner-Gulland, E. J. & Hulme, P. & Thirgood, S. & Cadotte, M.

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China & Shaanxi & Central Asia


This special section includes six papers entitled: (1) Price of prosperity: economic development and biological conservation in China; (2) Grazers on the plains: challenges and prospects for large herbivores in Central Asia; (3) Applying ecology for cave management in China and neighbouring countries; (4) Galliformes - barometers of the state of applied ecology and wildlife conservation in China; (5) Conflicts between biodiversity conservation and development in a biosphere reserve; and (6) Impact of China's Grain for Green Project on the landscape of vulnerable arid and semi-arid agricultural regions: a case study in northern Shaanxi Province.

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