Agribusiness models for inclusive growth in Myanmar: diagnosis and ways forward.

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04 Mar 2015
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Byerlee, D. R. & Kyaw, D. & Thein, U. S. & Kham, L. S.

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The objective of this study is to provide strategic policy priorities for attracting agribusiness investments and managing land resources for inclusive and sustainable development in Myanmar by addressing two questions: (1) How to attract agribusiness investments to accelerate agricultural growth and competitiveness through business models that put small and medium farmers at the centre of the growth strategy and ensure both efficiency and equity? (2) How to identify when large-scale business models may be appropriate and how land may be allocated to them in ways that are economically efficient, and socially and environmentally sustainable? The report is divided into three parts: (1) background on agribusiness in Myanmar, (2) analysis of business models in selected value chains, and (3) priorities for developing more efficient and inclusive business models.

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