Use of the Fakopp TreeSonic acoustic device to estimate wood quality characteristics in loblolly pine trees planted at different densities.

Published online
15 Apr 2015
Content type
Bulletin article; Conference paper

Amateis, R. L. & Burkhart, H. E.

Publication language
USA & North Carolina & Virginia


A Fakopp TreeSonic acoustic device was used to measure time of flight (TOF) impulses through sample trees prior to felling from 27-year-old loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) plantations established at different planting densities. After felling, the sample trees were sawn into lumber and the boards subjected to edgewise bending under 2-point loading. Bending properties evaluated included MOR (modulus of rupture) and MOE (modulus of elasticity). Regression methods were used to relate these bending properties to the TOF measurements collected from the standing trees. Results suggest TOF measurements alone are unlikely to be adequate when predicting MOR and MOE of loblolly pine lumber from standing trees growing at different planting densities.

Key words