New agri-environment scheme: ex ante evaluation of provincial conservation plans.

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03 Jun 2015
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Melman, D. & Doorn, A. van & Schotman, A. & Zee, F. van der & Blanken, H. & Martens, S. & Sierdsema, H. & Smidt, R.

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The (draft) provincial nature management plans, part of the agri-environmental scheme 2016 (ANLb- 2016), were analyzed for their target range for the agri environmental policy. Criteria were: attention to species from the national target frame (67 species); criteria for the suitability of habitats; geographical defined areas of habitats. In addition, the to get a picture of the support among management cooperations is conducted among 11 collectives a quick scan analysis was conducted using telephone interviews. Maps were developed to get a reference of the habitat suitability, in which the most promising areas were shown (approx q30, the 30% quantile). The findings are interpreted with the path of the development of the new ANLb-2016 scheme as background.

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