Introducing spatial heterogeneity in forest sector modelling: insights from the French forest sector model.

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15 Jul 2015
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Lobianco, A. & Delacote, P. & Caurla, S. & Barkaoui, A.
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Given the importance of anthropogenic determinants in forest ecosystems within Europe, the objective of FFSM++ is to link the evidence arising from biological models with socioeconomic determinants, where the expected returns of forest investments represent the main drivers. An inventory-based forest dynamic model is hence coupled with a market module and a management one in a national level forest sector model for France (FFSM++). In this paper we show that only considering the environment heterogeneity, and hence considering the local characteristics of the forest under management, we can realistically model the micro-based management module. In particular, an application is proposed that spatialises the forest growth rate and long-term scenarios (until 2100) are run to examine the effects on the forest dynamic, and notably the interaction with forest management strategies, of a potential increase of coniferous mortality in certain areas due to climate change.

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