Headwaters to estuaries: advances in watershed science and management. Fifth Interagency Conference on Research in the Watersheds, North Charleston, South Carolina, USA, 2-5 March 2015.

Published online
10 Feb 2016
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Bulletin; Conference proceedings

Stringer, C. E. & Krauss, K. W. & Latimer, J. S.

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This proceedings contains 22 papers on coastal watersheds. In particular, the papers cover the following topics: managing forested wetlands and agricultural catchments, identifying research advances from experimental watersheds, tracking the fate of contaminants through landscapes, advancing restoration ecology of connected ecosystems, and understanding the role of climatic perturbations (e.g., drought, severe storms) on watersheds. In addition, the role that ecosystems play in water use and management was a focal point, including modelling and measuring evapotranspiration associated with land use change.

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