Review of climate service needs and opportunities in Rwanda.

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07 Sep 2016
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Nyasimi, M. & Radeny, M. & Hansen, J. W.
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Africa South of Sahara & Rwanda


The Rwanda Climate Services for Agriculture project, funded by USAID, aims to benefit nearly one million farmers by 2019, and transform Rwanda's rural farming communities and national economy through climate services and improved climate risk management. This desk review was conducted to ensure that the project design is informed by and builds on existing needs, knowledge, services, capacities and initiatives. It synthesizes what is known about climate-related risks and their impacts on Rwanda's agriculture sector; the current status of climate information products and services; key institutions currently involved in the production, communication and use of climate-related information; and communication channels that can be used to deliver climate information services to relevant users including Rwanda's farming population. This review suggests several opportunities to strengthen climate services that meet the needs of Rwanda's agricultural sector and farming population.

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