From wooded heather to heathlands. Research of the restauration of the Northern Mander heathlands (Natura 2000 area Springendal - Dal van de Mosbeek).

Published online
20 Sep 2017
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Bijlsma, R. J. & Bevaart, K. & Geraedts, W. H. J. M. & Waal, R. W. de

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Management measures to restore dry heathland in this area in NE Twente, province of Overijssel, Netherlands, are described. It is based on landscape-based restauration by linking nutrient poorer and richer areas, linking of isolated plots of heather, inclusion of cultural-historical elements, and establishment of a robust and controllable heathland. Six criteria are developed; reserving of buffer zones, establishment of integral grazing, local development of oak forest, inclusion of cultural-historical values, changing forest to heather on relatively rich soils, and linking older and newer heathlands. The total area considered is approximately 220 ha, of which 75 ha will be restored, resulting in 145 ha of linked heathlands.

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