Cracking the climate-water-energy challenge in the drylands of Kenya.

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03 May 2017
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Jillo, B. & Adaka, V. & Jarso, I. & Shandey, A. & Kinyanjui, J. & Lekalkuli, L. & Tari, D. & King-Okumu, C.
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Africa South of Sahara & Kenya


This policy briefing summarises priorities for devolved strategic planning for water, energy and climate change in arid environments, identified through local-level consultations in Isiolo County, Kenya. It demonstrates how devolved county governments in Kenya can fulfil their responsibility to enable sub-county and ward level planning around water, energy and climate change. This can play an important role in supporting the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and nationally determined climate change commitments. It also has relevance for authorities in other water-stressed areas, particularly in the context of the SDGs.

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