Golfing at the Duyngheest estate. Quickscan of protected nature values inside the mapping area of the NNN area Duyngheest estate for the benefit of golving activities of the Duinzicht Golf Club.

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21 Feb 2018
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Ottburg, F. G. W. A. & Lammerstma, D. R.

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This golf club in Wassenaar, province of Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, has been asked to relocate its driving range to allow the establishment of a training field for top hockey. The proposed relocation of the driving range would be fully located inside the area of the Dutch nature network (NNN). Its planning needs to fulfill legal requirements including those of the Nature Conservation Law of 2017, Natura 2000, and the NNN's nature management plan. No major problems are expected with the suggested conversion of a football field and several tennis courts.

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