Son System: fruit growing integrated with crops and vegetables.

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31 Jan 2018
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Guimarães, T. G. & Madeira, N. R.

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Considering the availability of idle physical space between the rows of fruit trees and the high financial investment in the establishment and management of the orchard, intercropping for the production of shorter cycle species in the orchard, such as vegetables and grains, should be encouraged. Obtaining and selling these products will enable the producer to generate financial resources more quickly in order to repay part of the financial investment applied in fruit production and also reduce the risk inherent in agricultural activities. In this context, this paper brings together technical recommendations on an Agroforestry System modality called the Son System, which is a promising production system for family agriculture, fruit growers, small farmers and even for urban agriculture. This system was developed by Embrapa to guide the conversion of lines between orchards in productive areas, aiming at diversification and intensive food production in the Cerrado biome. To adopt this technology, farmers must follow the recommendations, plan the venture and make local adjustments so that good results can be achieved. For use in other regions of Brazil, producers and technicians should adapt the technology to the already consolidated local production systems, considering climate, soil and local demands.

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