Creating mutual benefits: examples of gender and biodiversity outcomes from Bioversity International's research.

Published online
07 Feb 2018
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Gender and Social Inclusion Community of Practice
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Castello, A. del & Bailey, A.

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Africa South of Sahara & India & Malaysia & Nepal & South Africa & Uganda


Bioversity International's research for development focuses on sustainably managing and conserving the rich agricultural and forest biodiversity for development outcomes. Through its research, Bioversity International uses a gender lens to support the differentiated gender-specific knowledge and priorities linked to women's and men's access and management of resources. This publication presents six fact sheets featuring Bioversity International case studies with local NGOs and partners. These case studies illustrate successful outcomes in gender and biodiversity through the use of gender-specific research methods. Some of the outcomes from these projects include greater inclusion and participation of women in research activities, increase in conservation of biodiversity of the community, increased food security, and greater knowledge sharing between women and men. Overall, the case studies emphasize the importance of including gender-specific knowledge of species native to communities because it offers insights into the current status of species and how they can be better conserved in the future in case of change.

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