Further greening, broadening: towards an effective contribution of the European agricultural and nature management policy on green issues.

Published online
17 Jan 2018
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Doorn, A. van & Westerink, J. & Nieuwenhuizen, W. & Melman, D. & Schrijver, R. & Breman, B.

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This report explores in what way greening and enhancing sustainability of agriculture could be best supported within the CAP: by greening of direct payments (1st pillar) or by contracts for agri-environmental management (2nd pillar). Additionally it is explored for which goals it would be meaningful to implement a collective approach for agri-environmental management, next to the current objectives of the support of internationally protected species. The most relevant issues in the Netherlands concerning the sustainable management of natural resources, climate change and biodiversity are the point of departure of the analysis. For a couple of issues it is analysed which objectives can be best reached with which measures and instruments within the CAP.

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