Industrial ecology and its application in agroenergy.

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13 Jun 2018
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Santos, G. S. & Melo, S. W. C.
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This paper analyses industrial ecology (EI) as an alternative for the correct allocation of resources from industrial activities, capable of contributing to cost reduction and environmental sustainability. The focus is on the importance of the application of IE in agroenergy, from the possibility of the full use of biomass. Aggregation of value, reduction of environmental liabilities and increasing social benefits are some of the results of such a strategy. The goal of IE, in this sense, is to study the industrial flow from the entry of inputs and energy, through transformation until the output of products and waste through mass and energy balances. Finally, in order to identify inefficient processes that result in polluting waste, the paper suggests to promote changes, arrangements, adoption of more environmentally friendly technologies and other solutions capable of reducing the final amount of waste.

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