Future of America's forests and rangelands: update to the forest service 2010 Resources Planning Act Assessment.

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01 Aug 2018
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The Update to the 2010 Resources Planning Act (RPA) Assessment summarizes findings about the status, trends, and projected future of forests, rangelands, wildlife, biodiversity, water, outdoor recreation, and urban forests, as well as the effects of climate change upon these resources. Varying assumptions about population and economic growth, land use change, and global climate change from 2010 to 2060 largely influence the outlook for U.S. renewable resources. The key themes from the 2010 RPA Assessment remain relevant. Land development, climate change, and natural disturbances continue to influence the extent, pattern, and conditions of forest and rangeland ecosystems. The interaction of socioeconomic and biophysical drivers affects the productivity of forest and rangeland ecosystems and their ability to meet increasing demands for goods and services. These effects vary regionally and locally, requiring flexible adaptation and management strategies.

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