Farmers for Nature: the ultimate nature-inclusive agriculture?

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18 Jul 2018
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Westerink, J. & Plomp, M. & Ottburg, F. & Zanen, M. & Schrijver, R.

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Farming for Nature is aimed at integrating nature and agriculture by means of an extensive farming system (nature-oriented farm). The farmer becomes self-sufficient in feed and manure and works with higher water levels and more landscape elements. For this, he receives a financial compensation on the basis of a long term agreement. This concept is tried out on a dairy farm in Biesland (province of Zuid-Holland) and on two sheep farms and a farm with suckler cows on the Twickel estate (province of Overijssel). After ten years of implementation, this report describes the results in farming, ecology and water quality. The report contains recommendations for the pilots in both areas and for a wider implementation of Farming for Nature.

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