Integrated management of the Fall Armyworm on maize: a guide for farmer field schools in Africa.

Published online
31 Oct 2018
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Food and Agriculture Organization
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Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda), FAW, a dangerous transboundary pest native to the Americas, has been spreading rapidly to all sub-regions of Africa since 2016, causing significant damage to crops. farmer education and community action are critical elements in the strategy to best manage FAW populations, using an integrated and ecological pest management approach. Farmer Field School (FFS), a holistics farmer education approach used in over 90 countries, will be a key component of the response effort. This guide seeks to provide guidance on how to conduct FFS on the integrated and sustainable management of the FAW in Africa, with emphasis on maize as FAW's preferred host plant. It provides information on the biology and ecology of FAW; field studies and exercises for use in season-long Farmer Field Schools and suggestions on how to build a training programme for rural advisory services/extension on FAW and FFS refresher courses of Master Trainers and facilitators.

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