A global strategy for the conservation and use of coconut genetic resources 2018-2028.

Published online
31 Oct 2018
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Bourdeix, R. & Prades, A.

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This compilation comprises 4 chapters, which introduces the background context and rationale for a new global strategy for the conservation and use of voconut genetic resources, articulates the origin, history and dynamics of coconut cultivation, particularly emphasising the importance of coconut genetic diversity and outlining the threats it faces, highlights the role of the International Coconut Genetic Resources Network (COGENT) and the urgent need for this revised global strategy, outlines the strategy's vision, goal, objectives, outputs and outcomes and how these link with the CGIAR system-level outcomes and describes the participatory approach to developing the strategy. A global analysis of the present status of coconut genetic resources conservation and use is presented and the importance of prioritizing the actions and research needed to effectively secure coconut diversity and enhance its use is discussed. Plans to develop concrete mechanisms, skills and research that will permit the global coconut community to achieve the strategy's objectives are pointed out. The various in situ areas of conservation are also highlighted through use, multifunctional landscape management and ethnobotanical and reproductive considerations.

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