The IFOAM principle of health - how do organic farmers apply it in practice?

Published online
17 Oct 2018
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Bulletin article; Conference paper

Vieweger, A. & Döring, T. F. & Bloch, R. & Bachinger, J. & Klimek, M. & Paxton, R. & Woodward, L.
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UK & Austria & England & Germany


The project 'Developing best practice networks of health in organic agricultural systems' aimed to create an international network of farmers and scientists to jointly develop new and interdisciplinary approaches to health measurement and research in ecological agriculture. The project identified personal philosophies and statements of best practice that make organic farmers successful in running healthy farming systems. Building on farmers' practical experience and findings from a former research project, we produced a working list of ten transferable strategies to increase the direct translation of organic principles into practice. The project further initiated the creation of a best practice network of health in organic agriculture, connecting farmers, advisors and scientists for future interdisciplinary research collaboration and a joint approach to increase health effects in organic agricultural food systems.

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