Quantum-based agriculture: the final frontier?

Published online
17 Oct 2018
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Bulletin article; Conference paper

Wright, J. & Kieft, H. & Diest, S. von
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J.wright@Coventry.ac.uk & kieftetcetera@gmail.com & saskia@sun.ac.za

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European Union Countries


Organic farming already meets multiple sustainability goals, and factors limiting its mainstreaming are social rather than technical. What is the next step for organic farming? To date, both organic and industrial agriculture have been based on the particle-matter approach within the disciplines of chemistry and biology. This review paper argues that the logical next step is to embrace Quantum-Based Agriculture (QBA) that draws from the theories and concepts of quantum physics and biology and takes a wave-based approach. The paper outlines how modern medicine, and many of our communication technologies, already apply quantum science, it explains the nature of QBA, its potential, and how commercial agricultural projects in the EU are already integrating quantum theories. Finally the paper notes that QBA is not new; it also may explain the mechanisms by which indigenous and Biodynamic farming practices work.

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