Agroecological service crops as a tool to manage the agrobiodiversity in organic orange orchards: a case study.

Published online
17 Oct 2018
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Bulletin article; Conference paper

Ciaccia, C. & Torre, A. la & Testani, E. & Riva, F. & Battaglia, V. & Ferlito, F. & Roccuzzo, G.
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The ITACA project "Technical and scientific answers to new orchards converting to Organic Agriculture", a two-years project financed by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture (2014-2015) intended to verify the effect of agroecological service crops (ASC) on the agrobiodiversity in a young orange-orchard. This paper analyzes the role of ASC species and the termination strategy on weeds and fungal communities. The results show a shift of the biodiversity indices of the analyzed community in function of the compared managements.

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