Total dry matter, nutrient uptake and yield of summer mungbean as influenced by organic management practices.

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17 Oct 2018
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Bulletin article; Conference paper

Yadav, S. K. & Babalad, H. B. & Sharma, S. K. & Yadav, M. K. & Roshan Choudhary
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Karnataka & India


The experiment was conducted at MARS, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka state during summer season of 2013-14. Significantly higher Total dry matter Production at harvest was obtained with application of Enriched compost (1/3) + Vermicompost (1/3) + Glyricidia green leaf manure (1/3) equivalent to recommended dose P2O5 + FYM (24.18 g/plant) and among liquid organic manurial treatments, foliar application of panchagavya @ 5 percent (24.98 g/plant). The higher uptake of NPK by mungbean at harvest was significantly higher with application of EC (1/3) + VC (1/3) + GLM (1/3) equivalent to 50 kg P2O5 + FYM and with panchagavya foliar spray @ 5% applied at flowering and 15 days after flowering. Application of EC (1/3) + VC (1/3) + GLM (1/3) equivalent to 50 kg P2O5 + with FYM recorded significantly higher grain yield (1368 kg/ha) as compared to EC (1/3) + VC (1/3) + GLM (1/3) equivalent to 50 kg P2O5 per ha alone (1258 kg/ha) and was on par with RDF + FYM (1301 kg/ha).

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