Organic nutrient management and intercropping for improved rainwater conservation and productivity under rain fed maize-barley rotation.

Published online
17 Oct 2018
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Bulletin article; Conference paper

Pawan Sharma & Bhatt, V. K. & Sathiya & Krishnamurthy & Harish Sharma & Lekh Chand
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Chandigarh & India


Organic, inorganic and integrated nutrient management, and intercropping practices were compared in terms of productivity, soil erosion and rain water conservation under rain fed maize-barley rotation. Four main treatments included: N0: no fertilizers added, N1: inorganic fertilizers alone, N2: organic and inorganic fertilizers in equal ratio, and N3: organic composts alone. Sub treatments with green gram intercropping under maize were: I0: no intercropping I1: green gram intercropped and mulched in soil; I2: green gram intercropped for grain production. Results showed that the grain yields of maize and barley were at par under different nutrient management, while the straw yields were lower under organic treatments. Both the intercropping treatments reduced maize yields; while improved barley straw yields. Organic nutrient management and intercropping reduced the run off% and soil loss, and improved soil profile moisture, indicating improved rainwater conservation in soil.

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