The alternative WEHAM scenarios: wood preference, nature conservation and trend update scenario development, results and analysis.

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17 Oct 2018
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Oehmichen, K. & Klatt, S. & Gerber, K. & Polley, H. & Röhling, S. & Dunger, K.
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The wood-preference scenario and the nature-conservation scenario are alternative forest management scenarios developed in the research project "WEHAM-scenarios", funded by the German Forest Climate Fund (Waldklimafonds). Based on data of the National Forest Inventory 2012, the simulation model WEHAM was used to project future forest development and potential raw timber supply for the period 2012 to 2052. In addition, an approach was developed for a business-as-usual scenario. This report presents the methodology and approach for the development of the scenarios, as well as detailed results. The most important results of the wood-preference and the nature-conservation scenarios are analyzed and compared to the WEHAM baseline scenario. For the determination of deadwood target stocks in the respective scenarios a new modeling approach for deadwood was developed.

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