Physical-water attributes in the surface layer of soils at different locations in the landscape and sugarcane harvesting systems in Coruripe, AL.


This paper presents the results of a study conducted to determine the physical-water attributes in the surface layer of the soil as quality indicators, related to the retention, storage and availability of water for the plants, in a toposequence of soils under different sugarcane harvesting systems, compared to a subperfusion forest reference area in the Coastal Tracks geoenvironment in the municipality of Coruripe, Alagoas, Brazil. Considering that there is a tendency to intensify the traffic of machines in the areas of sugarcane cultivation, due to the increasing implementation of the mechanized harvest, it is important to identify the possible changes in the superficial layer of the soil resulting from this practice to subsidize management strategies and conservation of soil and water in sugarcane producing areas in the Northeast region.

Key words