Science accomplishments of the Pacific Northwest Research Station, 2016.

Published online
06 Mar 2019
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Pacific Northwest Research Station
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Annual report

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USA & Oregon & Pacific Northwest States of USA


This paper reports the science accomplishments of the Pacific Northwest Research Station in 2016, which revealed how moss can serve as a bioindicator of urban air quality. The findings led to the prompt abatement of two sources of toxic metals in Portland, Oregon. Policies and practices were changed to ensure broader protection of human health throughout the state. This research continues and will likely help cities across the world improve their air quality monitoring. In 2016, the station also produced scientific information for understanding the economic impacts of recreation and timber harvest; understanding carbon in forests; and managing fish, wildlife, and their habitat. This was made possible with the help of more than 80 partners from non-governmental organizations, private companies, state and federal agencies, tribes, and universities.

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