Forest and water on a changing planet: vulnerability, adaptation and governance opportunities. A global assessment report.

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28 Mar 2019
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Creed, I. F. & van Noordwijk, M.
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This publication with eight chapters identifies globally relevant information on forest-water interactions and showcase implications for international policymakers. Chapter 2 reviews the science underpinning seven of the 10 system delineations that represent 'building blocks' for the current report. It clarifies the interactions between climate, forests and water regimes at the landscape scale, focusing on the current situation (status quo) as a basis for the system response to ongoing change. It also introduces the social and governance dimensions of dynamic social-ecological systems. Chapter 3 describes the determinants of change in the forest-water relationship, and global drivers of change that affect climate, forest, water and people at the landscape scale. This chapter highlights the relevance of time and space when considering the role of drivers on the socialecological system. Chapter 4 synthesizes understanding of the hydrological effects of the changes described in Chapter 3. Hydrological regimes in forests and land with partial tree cover are shaped by interactions and feedbacks between climate and vegetation with implications for local and global hydrology. Chapter 5 presents future scenarios of forest-water ecosystem services that relate the rate of global change to the capacity of people and their governance systems to adapt. Chapter 6 presents management options to address stresses on the forest-water-climate system at the catchment scale. Chapter 7 considers options for policy and governance responses at the landscape, national and international scales. Finally, Chapter 8 provides the main conclusions, summarizes outstanding research gaps and highlights points of relevance for policy dialogue.

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