Watershed condition framework: 2011-2017.

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10 Jul 2019
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USA, United States Department of Agriculture
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USA & Kentucky & New Mexico


This paper provides the accomplishments of the Watershed Condition Framework in the USA. Between 2011 and 2017, all restoration or maintenance projects identified in the associated Watershed Restoration Action Plans were completed in 91 watersheds that encompass 2.2 million acres of Federal and non-Federal lands. These 91 watersheds range from remote locations such as Munoz Canyon on the Carson National Forest in New Mexico to frequently visited locations like the Red River Gorge on the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. The implemented essential projects directly improved more than 93 000 acres, 275 stream miles, and 1430 miles of road or trail. Of these watersheds, 58% directly contribute to municipal or domestic water supply and are US Environmental Protection Agency surface water or wellhead protection areas. In this report, the essential projects were organized into seven descriptive categories: aquatic and riparian, hazardous fuels, range vegetation, forest vegetation, recreation, roads, and soils. The most common types of essential projects are those that directly benefit aquatic and riparian areas (40%) and decommissioning or improving roads (26%).

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