A Response from the British ecological Society to the Welsh "Brexit and our Land" consultation - November 2018.

Published online
23 Jul 2020
Published by
British Ecological Society
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White paper

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UK & Wales


This paper presents the response from the British Ecological Society to the Welsh "Brexit and our Land" consultation, addressing questions in the following areas: (i) From Chapter 4: Land Management Programme We propose a new Land Management Programme consisting of an Economic Resilience scheme and a Public Goods scheme. Do you agree these schemes are the best way to deliver against the principles? If NO, what alternatives would be best?; (ii) From Chapter 6: Public Goods We have set out our proposed parameters for the Public Goods scheme. Are they appropriate? Would you change anything? If YES, what?; (iii) From Chapter 6: Public Goods Are there any other public goods which you think should be supported? If YES, why? (iv) From Chapter 6: Public Goods Some actions can deliver multiple public goods in the same location. For example, peat bog restoration can have benefits for carbon sequestration and flood risk reduction. However, some locations could be suitable for multiple public goods from different activities. For example, one location may be suitable to either plant trees for carbon sequestration, or to revert to wetland for biodiversity. How could locations for single, multiple or competing benefits be prioritised?; (v) From Chapter 6: Public Goods Given that support for the delivery of public goods will be a new approach in Wales, there will be a requirement for a significant amount of training and advice for the sector. How best could this training and advice be delivered? Which areas of the sector need the most attention?; (vi) From Chapter 8: Transition, delivery and legislation What is the most appropriate way to phase out the Basic Payment Scheme to start implementation of the new schemes?.

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